Will be visiting the US the first three weks of November, PDML meets appreciated :)

Jan van Wijk pentax at dfsee.com
Tue Oct 1 18:25:16 EDT 2019

Hi Dan (and Ann, Mark and anyone else interested),

On Mon, 30 Sep 2019 00:35:33 -0400 Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
>Jan, let me know when you will be in the city.  I'd love to meet you, and I
>really need to see Ann again!

OK, cool.

I don't know the exact date(s) yet, but I will be in the vicinity between the 13th
and probably the 17th of November. I am driving up from Florida, and have to
be at Dulles airport in DC on the 19th.

I won't be staying in NYC proper, too expensive, but probably 
near the Newark airport in NJ, and visit NYC/Manhattan for two or three days,
probably using public transportation (a car does not seem smart for NYC :)

I'll let you all know the exact dates as soon as I know them.

I expect it would be towards the 17th rather than the 13th since I also
need to visit some friends on Long Island ...

Lets pinpoint the 16th for now, and see how that works out for everybody,
that is, lets see, a Saturday. But I am somewhat flexible in my schdule ...

FYI, while in the states, the best email to reach me is:

	jvw.dfsee at gmail.com

Regards, JvW

Jan van Wijk;   http://www.dfsee.com
Flickr : jvw_pentax

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