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Wed Nov 13 09:32:24 EST 2019

On 12/11/19, Bob Pdml, discombobulated, unleashed:

>Spent the weekend in Paris with some friends at a flat in the Gobelins
>district which one of them had borrowed. Had a view of part of the
>Eiffel Tower and the Pantheon from the stairwell, which was jolly.


Fantastic gallery Bob - love that pic of you and old Bonypart.

Are you any closer to realising your retirement wish of living there?

Yesterday, after months of searching, I've put a deposit down on a boat! It's a 33 foot sailing yacht of 1970s vintage and in great condition with just a few things that need doing - enough to keep me in fettling mode for a few months. She's called 'Hermione' and will be based in the Solent for a while until we decide where/when we're heading, possibly southwest but TBA.

Should be up and running for next spring/summer so hopefully some photo opps to come!

Here's a couple of phone snaps from Stefan yesterday...




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