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Larry Colen lrc at
Mon Nov 11 17:22:34 EST 2019

I’ve always been impressed by the value of Benro and Induro gear.  About ten years ago I bought an Induro BHD3 ball head. My theory was that the 2” RRS ballhead might be sturdier than the 2” Induro,  but for that money I could get the 3” Induro which for the price would be sturdier.  It has spent most of the past ten years in the trunk of my car.  I’ve gotten most of my best photos because I had my camera gear with me when the opportunity presented itself and a tripod that I left at home doesn’t do me any good at all.  

Ten years of abuse took their toll and the pan adjustment knob on the ball head broke off a couple of days ago.  I tried to find replacement parts on the Induro website and they just had a for leaving a message.  Long story short, I ended up talking to Chris (in White Plains) on the phone, he is sending me  replacements for all three knobs (listed on the invoice as $35) for FREE.  My plate clamp has taken some abuse over the years and I did buy a new one (upgrading to the benro equivalent with a bubble level).

Chris also took time to talk with me, answer technical questions (about this and other Benro/Induro gear) and was very pleasant the whole time. 

For those with unlimited budgets, other brands might make better gear at the top end, but I’d like to share how impressed I am with Benro/Induros value, and customer service (at least here in the US).  

I did ask him about upgrading ball heads and his comment was that the BHD3 is a tank, it doesn’t have any gimmicks, it’s just solid and few others would probably have survived so many years of abuse.
Larry Colen
lrc at

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