PUG Themes for 2020

Stanley Halpin stan at stans-photography.info
Mon Nov 11 01:07:42 EST 2019

Thanks Brian for your continued attention and effort! And congratulations on your 50th! I always find it impressive when any couple finds it possible to keep going and going and going. Meg and I are coming up on 35 years next year, and we may also make it to 50. 

 Of your candidate list for next year, my least favorite:

> Paws
> Weird
> Waterbirds

I will concede that paws on waterbirds would indeed be weird… Seriously, waterbirds seems too limited, paws likewise, and weird is too likely to provoke selfies from this group.

Of the others, my least preferred is fence line. Been there, done that, have multiple images that fit. A more general, more challenging variation might be Diagonals.
Another you might want to consider, 2020 or future, would be a different geometric concept: Square. I occasionally crop to a 1:1 format, I have read that one of the “issues” with effective use of 6x6 cameras like Hasselblads  and similar was learning how to visualize Square rather than the typical asymmetric 2:3, 3:4, etc.	



> On Nov 10, 2019, at 5:15 PM, Brian W <brian-w at lyons-ryan.org> wrote:
> Here's a potential list of 15 themes - to be culled down to 12.  Name your least
> favoured!
> Framed
> Paws
> Ancient
> Texture
> Alleyways
> Stormy
> Food
> Fenceline
> Symmetry
> Street art
> Straight lines
> Market place
> Dry
> Weird
> Waterbirds
> Cheers
> Brian
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