PESO Ward and Susan

Paul Sorenson pentax1941 at
Sun Nov 10 18:46:27 EST 2019

Portraits are all about capturing emotion and you've done that well, 
especially the couples shots and those of Susan.  They give a sense of 
who they are and that they would be people one might want to know.

DISCLAIMER:  The following opinions may or may not be useful.

A couple of Ward - 11100 & 11195 - might have benefited from a little 
less fill light to get just a little more contrast between the shadows 
and the highlights.  I'm not sure the shape of his face works with 
hatchet lighting, as in 11212.  I think short lighting for his face 
shape may have worked better, at least for me, by turning his face more 
toward the main light camera left and adding some fill light slightly 
from camera right.


On 11/9/2019 8:33 PM, Larry Colen wrote:
> A friend needed some photos, I pointed out that it’s the same amount of work to setup for both him and his wife as it is for just him. We had a fun afternoon getting photos of each of them and of the couple.
> Here’s one of both of them
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> Larry Colen
> lrc at
Paul Sorenson

Sooner or later "different" scares people.

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