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Sun Nov 10 14:14:23 EST 2019

I thought this might be of interest to some. 


I signed up to obtain a first issue of the new Analog Forever magazine ( a few months ago. A week or three ago, I received an invite to a San Francisco photo walk in honor of their launch. Yesterday was the day... 

Getting ready to go, I thought about what camera to take along. The Hasselblad 500CM came to mind, but I recently had my Minox C and EC cameras out and I thought, "Hmm. I wonder if folks would like to see some Minox cameras. I'm sure there'll be other Hasselblads..." So I loaded a roll of Minopan (Agfa APX) 25 into the Minox C and a roll of Minopan 100 into the Minox EC. Carrying two Minox cameras with their flash unit as well as the Minox tripod (just in case) leaves my bag delightfully light and empty, to the point where I then thought, "Oh stuff it: I'll carry the Polaroid SLR670x by MiNT and two packs of 600 Color as well." That way we could share some photos at the end-walk meetup point at SF Camerawork ( :D 

I took CalTrain up from San Jose to avoid having to deal with parking and traffic, and bussed up to the start point. Meet up was at Glass Key Photo ( on Sutter near Van Ness Avenue. I arrived as folks were beginning to show up and walked in. Oh my! I haven't seen a photo shop with a wall of printing papers and a set of refrigerators full of film behind the counter in quite a long time! 

People arrived with a delightful array of interesting cameras. Lots of instant film, new and old, 35mm RFs, 35mm SLRs, and MF SLRs/TLRs/RFs. A couple folks with 8mm and Super 8 movie cameras. Everyone was in a festive mood and happy to chat about their gear, their photography, etc, and there was a good mix of men and women as well. A few folks I knew from other events and places were there, notably my friends from Modern Book Gallery days Niniane and Danny. (Danny still works for Modern Book in their latest efforts and Niniane now works for Analog Forever.) 

The walk commenced with the usual hubbub of getting a group shot. About a hundred people had assembled... quite a daunting group to photograph in the narrow confines of the sidewalk outside the shop. After that we loosely meandered along in a spread out bunch of groups, first up to Bush Street and then down Bush to the Leica Store near the top of Grant Avenue and the Dragon Gate, people snapping photos as we went. Then the walk headed down to Market Street, and back towards Van Ness until we arrived at SF Camerawork. 

The conversation along the way was fun and engaging. People photographed each other, other people, sights along the way, etc etc. I shot one pack of my Polaroid Originals film, finished the roll in the Minox EC, and did about half the roll in the Minox C. Another guy with a 100 series Polaroid made a portrait of me, which he handed to me to hold until it was dry ... I lost track of him and still have it!

I took one of him too:

At SF Camerawork, a number of the instant film users (myself included) laid their photos out on the table for everyone to see. This was my set:

I left a little early because I needed to catch the bus and train back home. On the way out, I asked one of the guys from Glass Key Photo if they carried Minox film, and it seems that they do if he recollects correctly. I did a few more snaps with the Minox C on the way home. There are now about 15 exposures to go in that camera. 

All in all, a very fun day of it. I look forward to my first issue of Analog Forever!
The roll of film I shot with the Minox EC has now been processed and will be scanned as soon as it is dry… I'll add them, and individual scans of the Polaroids too, to the album on Flickr. :D

No matter where you go, you can always have a Minox with you.

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