PESO Dance like noone's watching

Larry Colen lrc at
Sun Nov 10 01:25:28 EST 2019

Personally, I think the phrase "Dance like noone's watching” makes about as much sense as “Take photos as if nobody will ever look at them”.  You can’t live your life terrified of what others will think, but there are times when it’s helpful to consider the audience.

Be that as it may, it did seem the perfect caption for this photo:

It was a live band night at a swing dance in Palo Alto last Wednesday, and I spent some time playing with the camera.  I learned that the 35/1.4 on the K-1 is a bit more finicky on focus point placement than I expected.  With the 31/1.8 on the APS bodies, the shorter fl, smaller aperture and larger focus points seemed to not only give it more depth of field, but also more likely to focus on dancers in the foreground.  In this hall, this setup did a marvelous job of focusing on the paneling on the far wall.  I need to work at being more specific with single point focus, or maybe trying the select 9 and see how it works.  

For those that are interested, I posted them in order of social dancing, musicians, competition and performance.  The competition and performance are not usual occurrences at the weekly dance.

Larry Colen
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