Small sensors, with a PESO

Steve Cottrell cotty at
Sat Nov 9 20:05:19 EST 2019

On 9/11/19, Juan Buhler, discombobulated, unleashed:

>Interesting. So you shoot jpegs with these? As I was saying, I find the jpg
>compression + sensor noise combination to be unpleasant. For this reason I
>only like compacts that shoot raw.

I do.


The Fuji X20's sensor is a 12MP 2/3 inch CMOS so it's not a slouch, but obvs outdated now.

I love this camera because of the optical viewfinder. It's not the snappiest performer but if I carry one camera because I don't know what to photograph, this'll be it.




I guess shooting like this is restricting because I'm narrowing my options. But it makes me think high contrast and gritty, and so I tend to get that mindset on and not look for things that don't fit.

I'm weird like that ;-)



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