Small sensors, with a PESO

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On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 6:08 AM Steve Cottrell <cotty at> wrote:

> Damn you - I started clicking through and spent a half hour browsing!!
> No words mate - absolutely blown away by the breadth of work. Can I come
> make a documentary about you?
Lol, thanks Cotty! Sure, you can come do a documentary, I'll buy the beer.

> Agree with all the above. I have a Fuji X20 (yes an optical viewfinder)
> and it has a couple of custom settings on the top dial. I keep the first
> setting as mono, increased contrast and noise for exactly the same reasons
> you describe above. The second setting is for standard colour.
> Similar settings on my Pen F, although I don't add noise.

Interesting. So you shoot jpegs with these? As I was saying, I find the jpg
compression + sensor noise combination to be unpleasant. For this reason I
only like compacts that shoot raw.

> You obviously have travelled a great deal - you must write about your
> experiences if you haven't already. The life of a street photographer who
> clearly gets drawn in to the society within which he/she works must have
> many tales!

Heh. But these are mostly just vacations... Trust me, reality is a lot less
exciting than whatever it is you imagine my life is like :)


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