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On 8/11/19, Juan Buhler, discombobulated, unleashed:

>This was made with the MX-1, at ISO 800, in Montreal back in August:
>I think it shows why I like 1/1'7" sensor cameras so much: the small sensor
>look. At 400 or even 800 ISO, the sensor noise looks a lot like Tri-X. This
>is, of course, when shooting RAW. I find that the jpeg compression combined
>with the sensor noise produces horrible results, maybe acceptable if you
>use the image as-is but terrible if you do any amount of processing.
>Compare with this frame from 2003, made with a Pentax MX and K35/3.5 lens
>on Tri-X:
>Developed by some lab in Paris, scanned with a Polaroid scanner at 4000DPI
>and resized to the same size of the MX-1 image. The digital image is a
>little more noisy, but it's in the ball park. The MX-1 image was at 800
>ISO, also.
>I love how the MX-1 image is just as "gritty" as the film one. Current
>APS-C or full frame 24MP and higher cameras make images that are too
>"clean" and sterile. Granted, there's plenty of reasons to use them, like
>very high ISO performance, speed, AF, etc. But I wish Ricoh made an MX-2,
>with similar features and looks and a 20MP 1 inch sensor.

Damn you - I started clicking through and spent a half hour browsing!!

No words mate - absolutely blown away by the breadth of work. Can I come make a documentary about you?


Agree with all the above. I have a Fuji X20 (yes an optical viewfinder) and it has a couple of custom settings on the top dial. I keep the first setting as mono, increased contrast and noise for exactly the same reasons you describe above. The second setting is for standard colour.

Similar settings on my Pen F, although I don't add noise.

You obviously have travelled a great deal - you must write about your experiences if you haven't already. The life of a street photographer who clearly gets drawn in to the society within which he/she works must have many tales!




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