FS Friday: Pentax MX body

Mark Roberts postmaster at robertstech.com
Fri Nov 8 19:13:28 EST 2019

I've finally realized that I'm probably not going to use this little
gem any more so I'm offering it up to the PDML before it goes to eBay.

It's in very nice condition indeed. A few scuffs but all very minor.
All shutter speeds work (though it hasn't been serviced in a while so
I won't guarantee accuracy) and the meter works (even the batteries
are still good).

$100.00 plus shipping for the camera body

I also have 3 extra focusing screens!
S1 - Matte with circle and millimeter scale
SB-21 - Matte with split-image center
SG-20 - Matte with circle and grid

The SB-21 and SG-20 are for the LX. They'll fit the MX perfectly but
you'll have to either get the meter recalibrated (who does that?) or
just overexpose by 1/2 stop.
All the screens are in the original box and case and come with their
own set of focusing screen tweezers.
$30.00 each for the screens.

Photos to follow.
Mark Roberts - Photography & Multimedia

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