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Tue Nov 5 20:23:30 EST 2019

The problem with small light autofocus lenses is once you put the 
autofocus motor in the lens it's no longer small.  They can be smallish, 
but I would hate to see a 43mm limited with a built in AF motor.  It 
would have to be much bigger.

On 11/2/2019 9:51 AM, Bipin Gupta wrote:
> Dear Mark, you would have noticed that in the Film SLR days ALL Pentax
> Lenses were Full Frame. Even the SLR themselves were pretty small and
> petite looking.
> And these Lenses were as large or as small as the DA Lenses on the
> current crop of APSC DSLRs.
> So why NOT design all Lenses as Full Frame?
> This would have kept design and manufacturing efforts and costs down.
> Now please don't start searching for a Technical reason why this is
> detrimental to Photography.
> I just responded to your thread "I want a full-frame version of this lens".
> As for Lenses I am a zoom lover - covered between 10 & 300 mm as I am
> not into wild life, nature or sports photography - so do not need
> longer lenses. No GAS.
> Now all my Zooms are brutally sharp.
> How do I assure this?? Simple: I will go on buying lenses till I find
> the sharpest one. That's the Keeper.
> I do have some Prime Lenses because of their f1.2 or f1.4 Apertures
> for special Low Light Photography or DOF needs.
> Thanks for reading.
> Bipin.
> Toronto & Bangalore
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