I hate Google, more and more every day.

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at komkon.org
Tue Nov 5 15:32:55 EST 2019

For many years, I've been using name.com for registering my own domain 
name. It costs some $11-14 per year for .org and .com domains.

P.J.: if it is the spamvertised URL that is the culprit (which I am not 
that sure about, as most typical blocklists do not take that into 
account), then with your own domain, you should not get into that trouble.

In general, with big giants, like Google, Yahoo, and some ISPs, it is 
often hard to get a resolution quickly (or at all), - as they are all 
behind thick walls, and choose what they want to do. Over almost 
a quarter-of-century, I've been dealing with such incidents for Komkon 
servers (Komkon hosts PUG). Some are easier to deal with than others.
Out of some 15-20 incidents, only about 2-4 had a reason, the rest were 
false positives.

The worst case was some 10 years ago, when one of the major antivirus (AV) 
makers (used by many malware-detecting scanners)  added a malware 
signature that was matching a relatively popular programming library used 
by software developers. As a result, some benign program available for 
download from one of the sites hosted by Komkon was flagged by all those 
anti-malware services. It took some time for that AV maker to fix that 
problem in the engine, and then it took some additional time for that to 
propagate to all different scanners and BL's.

While some of those scanners have whitelisted us manually upon contact, 
the rest were unresponsive, so it took up to 2 weeks to mitigate that 
situation. The worst part was that our own upstream ISP blocked our IP 
from the Internet to prevent the distribution of that presumed malware.
IIRC, that complicated communication with all those BLs', as some of them 
wanted to receive communication from the listed IP (to confirm IP 
ownership), or something like that.

As for Google, - its penetration is too big. And we, being a part of the 
their product (as opposed to being customers), have practically no 
power over them.
At my home, so far, we have no "smart"/IOT appliances (except for 
smartphones), not even Alexa. But I don't know how far we are 
from the day when the "dumb" appliances (that just do their original 
function, e.g. keep things cold, wash your clothes or show TV broadcast) 
are no longer produced.
Do I want my pot texting my kettle?

(A scare thought: What if the next generation of DSLRs will start 
"sexting" Smart TVs something akin Cotty's camera porn? ;-) Brrr! )



Larry Colen Mon, 04 Nov 2019 13:52:32 -0800 wrote:

> On Nov 4, 2019, at 1:06 PM, P. J. Alling wrote:
> Well updog.co seems to think it's a URL that contains their domain.  They
> advised me of a work around.  Unfortunately the easiest way to implement
> would cost me money to implement my own domain.   Which could then still be
> blacklisted by google.

I’ve been getting my domain through gandi
for many years.  It costs me on the order of $20/year


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