PESO - She's got legs. [and a test]

John jsessoms002 at
Tue Nov 5 09:17:21 EST 2019

I use a Mozilla browser called Pale Moon and it didn't give me any problems 
seeing the image - no warnings no fuss. That's the browser where I have NoScript 

I have Firefox as a backup browser because there are some sites I need to access 
where NoScript doesn't work or won't allow necessary functions to work.

Larry's message made me check what happened with Firefox, and I get the big red 
screen ... but I got something else weird, even before I pasted the tinyurl into 
the address bar. There was a red banner across the top of the screen that says:

"- The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of 
Firefox's files is in use by another application. Some security software can 
cause this problem."

*IF* Google has eaten my bookmarks, I'm going to be *PISSED OFF!*

The first suggested "fix" is to restart your computer. I had just restarted 
before I logged on to read email (PDML).


Shut it all down and restarted again and opened Firefox first. My bookmarks are 
back, but I'm still mad at Google about it.

The tinyurl does still trigger the deceptive site warning in Firefox.

If you click the [See details] button there's a link where you can _report a 
detection problem_. I used it to notify Google they've got a FALSE warning for 
pdml.updog ... Hope that will help.

Maybe if the rest of PDML also took the time you'll get your website back ...

On 11/4/2019 12:04:35, lrc at wrote:
> Chrome gave a warning, Firefox also did but wouldn't show the image.
> Someone set up a phishing scam on updog and updog didn't have the security to stop them
> On November 4, 2019 8:44:42 AM PST, "P. J. Alling" <webstertwentysix at> wrote:
>> Just a test to see how deeply stupid Google is, and I mean deeply as in
>> nested like a Russian Doll.
>> I'm going to mask my web page in a Tiny URL.  Maybe Google's algorithm
>> won't see it there.
>> So if this gets through here's the original post.   It's a stopgap
>> until
>> I figure something else out.
>>> I wandered around an art collective exhibit at Yale University's West
>>> Campus, today.
>>> The young lady in the foreground was an exhibitor, sitting in front
>> of
>>> her work, which consisted of large canvas' covered with brightly
>>> colored splotches of acrylic paint.  I'm sure that everyone wanted to
>>> discuss her technique, really I mean it.
>>> Equipment: Pentax K-5II w/Sigma DC 17-70mm f2.8~4.5
>>> As usual comments are welcome but may be totally ignored.
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