PESO -- Pink and Green.

John jsessoms002 at
Tue Nov 5 08:41:54 EST 2019

On 11/4/2019 13:25:56, P. J. Alling wrote:
> Another from yesterday, I got to the event a bit early and had to do something 
> to amuse myself.
> I hope that at least some will ignore Google's overbearing nannying and click 
> through to look at the image.   The page is simple HTML and I certainly haven't 
> added code to steal anyone's information.
> Equipment:  Pentax K-5II w/Sigma DC 17-70mm f2.8~4.5
> As usual comments are welcome but may be totally ignored.

Looks like a cabbage. Is it edible?

I never thought about it, but do you think tinyurl could add anything weird to 
their links? Don't see how they could do it with just a random string of 8 
characters, but now I wonder?

Science - Questions we may never find answers for.
Religion - Answers we must never question.

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