LR6 question

Doug Brewer doug at
Mon Nov 4 00:05:30 EST 2019

I believe Larry is on the right track here. I've never had the flow 
reset at all, so I looked up shortcuts on the web and saw the flow can 
be adjusted using the number pad, which I didn't know before.

Is it possible that you are accidentally hitting a number key? I can see 
doing it if you are attempting to enter a specific value for another 
slider without having that slider selected. You could enter a number, 
not seeing that the flow rate changed, then noticing the failed slider 
selection, and so on.

Other than that, I couldn't tell you.

On 11/3/19 7:52 PM, Larry Colen wrote:

> I use LR6 and have never experienced it resetting the flow percentage.  I wonder if there is some keyboard shortcut that you are accidentally running afoul of.
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