Belgium's hidden treasures - was: Spaceship Montzeon

Pat Temmerman ptemmer at
Sun Nov 3 16:48:27 EST 2019

Thanks for the link Ralf. I lived longer in Belgium than anywhere else 
(US / German). Regarding the surrealism.... well, they're just being 
Belgian. Great folk, but all have a cerain 'uniqueness'. Miss the place. 
And have been a real fan of your French/Belgian coastal pics.

On 03/11/2019 21:06, Ralf R Radermacher wrote.
> Am 03.11.19 um 21:40 schrieb Pat Temmerman:
>> Was wondering how you found tht - lived in Belgium for 23 years and
>> never heard about it.
> That's the kind of thing you'll find all over the country if you keep
> your eyes open. After a while you develop some kind of sixth sense. It's
> happened more than once that I've hit the brake before even consciously
> registering what I'd seen.
>> Belgium is FULL of surprises.
> It most certainly is. No surprise that they've invented surrealism.
> Let me take the opportunity to direct you all towards the blog of Niko
> Cobben, a fellow photographer who is a real genius at unearthing
> Belgium's hidden treasures.
> Ralf
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