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I have an excellent barely used DA 16-50/2.8. Pentax sent me a new one about 5 years ago after failing to fix my original one. This was when I was working with them a bit on promotions, so I believe they took care to make sure it was a good one. Make me an offer.


> On Nov 2, 2019, at 11:02 PM, P. J. Alling <webstertwentysix at> wrote:
> Actually the lens I want, but can't justify, is the DA 16-50mm f2.8.
> I already have a Sigma 17-70 f2.8~4.5 which covers the range, and suits my needs most of the time.
> Plus the Tamron 17-50mm is a wee bit better optically by all accounts and much closer to my budget.
> I wouldn't turn my nose up at the Pentax if I could get it for the same price as the Tamron, since it probably beats it like a rag doll as far as build quality is concerned.
>> On 11/1/2019 2:12 PM, Juan Buhler wrote:
>> I figured I'd start a thread about lens lust. Note this is not "lenses I
>> need". I have too many as it is, covering every focal length I care about
>> (which doesn't go much further than 100 or 135mm anyway)
>> DA15/4: I have the DA21mm, and it's an awesome lens. Seems like the 15
>> would be a great companion to it. I don't really need it, since I have some
>> zooms that cover this focal length, plus I haven't been shooting with the
>> KP much anyway.
>> M20/4: I don't know why I want this one, I just do. I really like the M
>> lenses. I do have the DA21 Limited for APS, and the Sigma 20/2.8 for APS on
>> the Sony, and an awesome Zeiss 21/2.8 for full frame on Leicas and Sonys.
>> And that's without counting the zooms that cover that both on APS and full
>> frame: I have a 17-70/4, a 12-24/4, and a Canon 17-40/4 that covers full
>> frame with fast AF via an adaptor on the Sony.
>> M40/2.8: I just always wanted that little pancake lens. Don't need it, as I
>> have tons of both 35mm and 50mm lenses, plus a really nice Konica Hexanon
>> 40mm/1.8 that is perfect for the A7ii.
>> DA20-40: This seems like the perfect street lens for the KP. Been wanting
>> it since it came out, but never pulled the trigger. Again, I already have
>> other lenses covering this range.
>> K85/1.8: I had this lens. It fell from my motorcycle jacket the day I was
>> getting my istD back in 2004. I never saw it again. It's not a FL I
>> regularly use so it's hard to justify. I had found it in pristine condition
>> for under $100 back in the late 90s.
>> M28/3.5: This was my main 28, my copy seemed to be a lot sharper than what
>> should be legal. I lost it years ago. I do have an M28/2.8 and the
>> FA28/2.8, plus a Takumar 28/3.5 (the big barreled one). Oh and I do have
>> the awesome K30/2.8 and a bunch of other 28s for other mounts, so it's
>> super hard to justify buying this one.
>> Takumar 50/1.4, 8 element: I REALLY don't need this. My best 50mms are a
>> Summicron, the A50/1.4, maybe the M50/1.7 or FA50/1.7 (yes, I have all
>> those plus a lot more 50s!)
>> K50/1.2: Again, I don't need another 50. But it sure would be nice to play
>> with that extra third of a stop.
>> How about you? Any lenses you've always wanted but haven't gotten around to
>> getting? Any opinions on that list above?
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