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> On Nov 1, 2019, at 11:12 AM, Juan Buhler <juanbuhler at> wrote:
> I figured I'd start a thread about lens lust. Note this is not "lenses I
> need". I have too many as it is, covering every focal length I care about
> (which doesn't go much further than 100 or 135mm anyway)

I’ve been very lucky that in the past few years I’ve managed to score on several of my wishlist lenses, mostly through a combination of gifts and KEH.

DA 35 macro
FA 43 ltd
DFA 100 WR macro
Sigma 35/1.4 macro

I always find myself wanting faster lenses, and particularly faster and wider, or faster and longer.  It must be really nice to be one of those people that only does one small subset of photography, like sports, wildlife or landscape.  I take some consolation in Moore’s Law in that as sensors get better I can use an f/2.8 lens in cases where I used to need f/1.4 or faster. Unfortunately, I now find myself photographing in even more ridiculous light levels and still needing faster glass.

Also, unfortunately, I find myself needing autofocus more and more.  The situation could be relieved a bit with decent through the eyepiece live view with focus peaking, or a split focusing screen (katzeye), but age is taking its toll on my eyesight even faster than on my memory.

My 77/1.8 is still one of my favorite lenses, but when photographing musicians I still want faster and longer, 85/1.4, or 135 f/2 or faster.

In a similar vein, a lot of the night landscapes I do require faster and wider than what I have. I’ve got the Rokinon 24/1.4 which is pretty nice, and the Pentax 15-30/2.8, but I still constantly find myself up against difficulties capturing the night sky, and wanting both faster and wider glass.   It expect that better sensors, and/or better processing software could alleviate those issues.  In theory software could take multiple images, separate sky from foreground, stack and stitch them separately and put them back together in one clean photo. In theory, the software could even do something fancy with convolution and unsmear the stars.  
While I’m off topic and talking about my software wishlist, it would be nice if I could just point my processing software and a directory, have it look at time stamps, GPS, compass and accelerometer data and automatically HDR and/or stitch any photos that could be.

When photographing wildlife, I constantly find myself up against the length and speed limits of my bigma (50-500), I don’t know what would be better, but I do know that I can’t afford it.

If I was shooting APS I’d definitely want the sigma f/1.8 zooms (18-35 and 50-100), if they were full frame I’d probably try to rent out my body on street corners to come up with the money.  In the department of wishing it were full frame, I could really use the 50-135/2.8 range in full frame, although a 35-100/2.8 would probably do me even more good.

I also wish that I had weather sealed versions of pretty much all of my legacy glass. I don’t stop taking photos when the weather gets a bit damp. As has been recently observed, that’s often when the best opportunities happen.

The DA40/2.8 was mentioned, and back in the days of my K-x that was one of my favorite walkabout lenses because it turned the K-x into practically a pocket camera.  Like the DA35 macro, it vignettes a little bit on the K-1, but is still manageable.  Processing software could solve a lot of that.
Speaking of software wishlists, I wish my K-1 gave me an option between APS and FF, and also that the square format option didn’t store all of the raw sensor data so that it was useful in raw mode to save the K-1 buffer space.

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