Pentax lenses I want

Bipin Gupta biping at
Sat Nov 2 09:51:07 EDT 2019

Dear Mark, you would have noticed that in the Film SLR days ALL Pentax
Lenses were Full Frame. Even the SLR themselves were pretty small and
petite looking.
And these Lenses were as large or as small as the DA Lenses on the
current crop of APSC DSLRs.
So why NOT design all Lenses as Full Frame?
This would have kept design and manufacturing efforts and costs down.
Now please don't start searching for a Technical reason why this is
detrimental to Photography.
I just responded to your thread "I want a full-frame version of this lens".
As for Lenses I am a zoom lover - covered between 10 & 300 mm as I am
not into wild life, nature or sports photography - so do not need
longer lenses. No GAS.
Now all my Zooms are brutally sharp.
How do I assure this?? Simple: I will go on buying lenses till I find
the sharpest one. That's the Keeper.
I do have some Prime Lenses because of their f1.2 or f1.4 Apertures
for special Low Light Photography or DOF needs.
Thanks for reading.
Toronto & Bangalore

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