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Fri Nov 1 15:08:37 EDT 2019

Am 01.11.19 um 19:12 schrieb Juan Buhler:

> M20/4: I don't know why I want this one, I just do. I really like the M
> lenses.

A nice lens if you have a thing for primes. On the downside it's not
faster than most wide-angle zooms. Have one in my camera bag (aka The
Millstone) and haven't used it for years.

> M40/2.8: I just always wanted that little pancake lens.

I've had one and sold it, years ago. A typical Tessar design:
pseudo-sharp with godawful bokeh. OK if you want something that can be
put on a MX and still fits into your pocket. Optically, there are far
better lenses.

> M28/3.5: This was my main 28, my copy seemed to be a lot sharper than what
> should be legal.

That's indeed a really nice lens. A somewhat wider standard lens on APS-C.

> How about you? Any lenses you've always wanted but haven't gotten around to
> getting? Any opinions on that list above?

The lenses I'd want all don't exist and probably never will: faster
zooms without the bulk.

I'm about to sell a load of M and A primes because my old eyes aren't
good at focussing anymore, including a M3.5/28 and a M4/20.


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