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Fri Nov 1 15:07:35 EDT 2019

Juan Buhler wrote:

>I figured I'd start a thread about lens lust. Note this is not "lenses I
>need". I have too many as it is, covering every focal length I care about
>(which doesn't go much further than 100 or 135mm anyway)
>DA15/4: I have the DA21mm, and it's an awesome lens. Seems like the 15
>would be a great companion to it. I don't really need it, since I have some
>zooms that cover this focal length, plus I haven't been shooting with the
>KP much anyway.

I'd love to have this lens for the K-01 I use for street shooting. But
I just can't justify the expense.

>DA20-40: This seems like the perfect street lens for the KP. Been wanting
>it since it came out, but never pulled the trigger. Again, I already have
>other lenses covering this range.

I want a full-frame version of this lens. It would my daily choice on
the K-1.

What I'm wishing for is a slower (say f/3.5 or 4) 24-70 weather sealed
zoom for full-frame. I have the 28-105 f/3.5-5.6 and it's a great lens
that's my main choice for hiking but I'd happily sacrifice 35mm on the
long end to get an extra 5mm on the wide end.
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