Stoopid iPhone

John jsessoms002 at
Tue Jan 15 15:35:01 EST 2019

That's part of it. Earthlink is not my ISP. It's an email only account that I 
signed up for several years ago when Time-Warner's email servers went down for 
several months.

Time-Warner's "support" told me I wasn't paying for email, it was just a bonus 
Time-Warner *gave* me out of their corporate generosity and as such it didn't 
matter if they ever got the email server back on line because I wasn't being 
deprived of any service I was paying for.

I escalated my complaint as high as I could, but never reached a level where the 
person I was talking to was able to understand that NOT HAVING email service was 
indeed a problem.

Unable to reach through the phone-line and dope slap the idiot assholes I was 
having to deal with, I got a non-Time-Warner email only account and put myself 
on the waiting list for Google Fiber.

The other part of it is I don't want to use the iPhone for email. I have 
perfectly good computers that handle email just fine.

I bought the iPhone to run *GasBuddy* and *The Photographer's Ephemeris* and 
maybe *PhotoPills*.

On 1/15/2019 13:04:39, ann sanfedele wrote:
> Eric,  I have a POP connection and use Thunderbird. All my emails are saved both 
> on my computer and on the server... I don't know about phones and laptops and 
> such.  I used to have it set to downlaod and delete, but after having a crash a 
> couple of years ago I switched back to leaving stuff on the server too..
> MAybe it depends on who your IP is.
> ann
> On 1/15/2019 12:53 PM, Eric Weir wrote:
>> Do you know what kind of email account you have, i.e., POP or IMAP? If POP, 
>> after messages are downloaded to a device they are deleted from the server, 
>> and this are not available to other devices. IMAP synchronizes mailboxes 
>> between devices.

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