PDML "Best Of 2018" Gallery?

Stanley Halpin stan at stans-photography.info
Tue Jan 15 10:15:03 EST 2019

I hate to see the PDML Annual die after its fine 10-year run. I cannot, will not, volunteer to step in to try and follow on in Mark’s path, recognizing that Mark not only did very fine work, but also had able assistance from Bill and Doug.

So, here are my thoughts about an alternative venue for us to share our Best Of 2018 images.

I have a Zenfolio account, unlimited storage. I already pay the annual fee, no extra cost for adding another Gallery to my collection.

Are are my thoughts on configuration of a Gallery for our sharing purposes:

	Access limited, password protected. No real need for this, but possible in case anyone is nervous about putting they best stuff out there on the web. I could also leave the Gallery open and password protect access to individual images at the owner's request.

	No Expiration date for the Gallery.

	Downloading not allowed. 

	Max viewing size Zenfolio’s XXLarge = 1550x960

	Titles etc Not searchable

	Metadata viewable?

	Show Number of Visitors to the Gallery?

	Do Not allow viewers to order prints (again, I can adjust this or any of the other parameters image by image if so requested by the contributor.)

If this seems like a reasonable/useful option, then the way forward would be:
	A - comment on the proposed parameters
	B - I don’t see a way for others to directly upload.  Send me up to 5 images that you would like to have included. Let me know Image Title and Caption (caption = your name or email or other identifier.) I will load them to the site, untouched, no editing, you submit what you want displayed.

I leave town for 6 weeks on 25 February, so 20 February would be a reasonable first deadline.



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