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John jsessoms002 at
Sat Jan 12 20:47:52 EST 2019

I don't think it relies completely on the user's phones to locate them. I've 
talked to a couple of people who told me you need the app to unlock the scooter, 
but you don't have to "log out" when you're done. You just walk away and leave 
it sitting wherever you are when you're done with it.

Around Raleigh there's a couple of guys with a van picking up the ones that are 
left in an unusable locations** and/or those whose batteries have run down & 
relocating them to where they need to be; replacing the run down ones with 
scooters that have freshly charged batteries.

On 1/12/2019 12:49:46, Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:
> I don’t know. I do know they’re all GPS connected, and the company can
> monitor where each has been by examining the use log sent in by the riders’
> phones. Occasionally I see a rider towing an unused scooter along.
> I’ve been thinking of doing a photo project built on the scooters and their
> riders. :-)
> G
>> On Jan 12, 2019, at 8:53 AM, John <jsessoms002 at> wrote:
>> A little bit of both + gravity.
>> Far more interesting to me is how they get there in the first place, and
>> how they get back there after they're used and left somewhere else.
>>> On 1/12/2019 10:22:56, Alan C wrote: Are those battery or human powered? 
>>> Alan C
>>>> On 12-Jan-19 05:10 PM, Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote: These scooters stood
>>>> pensively waiting for their next riders outside the cafe I visited in
>>>> downtown.

**Someone left a couple of run down ones on the street in front of my house. I 
had to move them up onto the curb so they wouldn't get run over when I was 
coming and going.

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