PESO 2019 - 003 - GDG

Godfrey DiGiorgi godfreydigiorgi at
Wed Jan 9 10:22:37 EST 2019

Monday's bicycle ride...

  At Hanchett Park - San Jose 2019:

I was definitely in a "just want to ride and ride" kind of mood. I carried one of my Polaroid cameras but didn't stop to make any photos. It was a "do the usual loop" kind of day, and I did it fast and hard ... it felt great to be breathing hard and working myself. I stopped finally at one of my local cafe hangouts, said hi to a few of the regulars there that I know, and had fun joking with the barista for a bit. 

The Polaroid camera I had with me is one of those that was custom modified by a company in Hong Kong for manual exposure control. I'd loaded some faster than normal film in it, used my iPhone as a light meter, and made a quick snap of bicycle through the cafe window while I was sipping my coffee and before the sun went down. 

By the time I left the cafe, the sun had been past the horizon by a half hour, so I fitted my brighter headlight and set off towards home. I took the slightly longer leg of the usual loop back, still enjoying pushing hard and all the endorphins that pumped up. I've come to like riding in the twilight hour a lot as long as the temperatures are comfortable, and it stayed dry all the way back although I could smell the rain coming.
It was a fine ride, all of it, and allowed me to get lost in the riding and meditate freely. Perhaps today there'll be a window of opportunity again.


No matter where you go, go there on two wheels.

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