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On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 12:51 PM Ralf R Radermacher <fotoralf at> wrote:
> He would have had three years, this March. Last autumn, we noticed first
> signs of breathing trouble. The diagnosis was as clear as it was cruel:
> HCM. A hereditary heart condition that affects Maine Coons more than any
> other race.
> He got some sort of beta blockers and something to get the water out of
> his lung. It helped for a while but when we returned from Dunkirk, on
> Sunday night, things were so bad that we took him to the vet first thing
> in the morning. We hat to agree with her that we wouldn't do him any
> good by trying to keep him alive under strong medication for another
> while. The end was inevitable anyway.
> Definitely no good way to start a year. We'll always miss him.
> A word of warning for all who'd like a Maine Coon: stay away from
> 'hobbyist' catteries! Serious breeders have their parent animals checked
> for hereditary heart problems. You may save a few hundred but it's
> certainly not worth it.
> Ralf
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