My Mood Is Changing ... Again

Rick Womer rickpics14 at
Thu Jan 3 11:45:33 EST 2019

Boris, this is a wonderful gallery! There are too many “favorites” to list!

Where you have both color and B&W renditions, I tend to favor the latter.


> On Jan 1, 2019, at 12:18 PM, Boris Liberman <boris71 at> wrote:
> It does not work for me this way, Stan.
> Normally, when I go on a trip abroad, I would take more consistent
> pictures, but less interesting or less inspired, if you will.
> If you're inclined to go through 25+ pictures - have a look here:
> I've just returned from a business trip to China. I had few evenings and
> one full day where I could take pictures and generally not be in the state
> of work. All pictures are taken with Oly EM-1 and Oly 25/1.8 - nifty fifty,
> which is very nifty indeed, as far as technical quality is concerned.
> They are ok-ish, but they are not spectacular. I am still trying to find a
> different rendering of this or that photo, but...
> I don't have any particular issue with my muse. She is just ever so
> slightly bored, as always and she lets me keep on going like this.
> On Tue, Jan 1, 2019 at 5:17 PM Stanley Halpin <stan at>
> wrote:
>> Dan, I’ll borrow your thought: changing latitude as a way to change
>> attitude.
>> When I travel, I take pictures. When I am home, the cameras mostly sit
>> unused. However I find that I can nicely scratch my photographic itch in
>> two ways.
>> First, I try to be observant, looking for photo ops. Doesn’t matter that I
>> don’t have a camera along, I’ll see something happen, and will think about
>> how to capture that scene.
>> Second, in between trips I have the joy (chore?) of reviewing all of the
>> images, keywording, rating, selectively processing, sharing… I do this in
>> small batches, trying to be quite deliberate, thinking about what I could
>> have done to improve each image when I shot it. Sometimes trying to discern
>> why I had bothered.
>> For me, each of these approaches helps maintain photography as a learning
>> experience for me, which makes it interesting and challenging, which keeps
>> me going through the doldrums. And if nothing else works, then I research
>> my next destinations and try to previsualize the images I hope to bring
>> back next time. Back to South America in a couple of months, Iberian
>> Peninsula and Western Med this fall, NZ and Australia Feb-March 2020, back
>> to Alaska in August 2020 - I have many upcoming opportunities for
>> inspiration. Sooner or later my health or financial resources or both will
>> run out and I will fall back to careful reviews of past adventures. Until
>> then, I intend to keep on changing latitudes.
>> stan
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> Boris
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