Grandfather Mountain Video Request

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Tue Apr 30 17:59:09 EDT 2019

On 4/30/2019 3:14 PM, Steve Cottrell wrote:
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> It may or may not display and r play properly on your computer - if 
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The shots on and around the mountain bring back memories - I haven't 
been there in about 50 years. Although I have lived within about a mile 
of the Parkway (at its closest - the nearest entrance is about 3 miles 
away by road) my range is all in the northern half. When I am on the 
Parkway in recent decades it has always been between Rockfish Gap (mile 
marker 0) and Fancy Gap (mile marker 200).

Last Sunday week I decided to take an afternoon drive to Mabry Mill. I 
hadn't been there in about 20 years and had forgotten its orientation. 
Morning is best for the preferred view of the wheel side of the mill and 
I was there in mid-afternoon. I took a number of shots, but they were a 
bit dull because the mill is a weathered gray. I decided to warm things 
up a bit and this shot, taken through a Hoya Sepia B filter, is my 

Steve got to see this message twice. After decades with my old email 
client I finally had to switch to something current. I am still learning 
it and haven't yet figured out how to set it to default to replying to 
the list instead of the sender.

Dale H. Cook, decades as 35mm SLR photographer, now
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