Impending road trip

Larry Colen lrc at
Fri Apr 26 15:01:57 EDT 2019

I am about to head on a bit of a road trip. My Mom has gotten to the 
point where we need to move her into an assisted living place near my 
sister (there's no way we can afford one near me). She's in great shape 
physically, but lives in a different reality than the rest of us, so 
can't be left unsupervised.
I'm driving today to the Central Oregon Coast.  I'll rent an RV and with 
help will drive pretty close to straight through to North Central Texas. 
  We'll stay there for a day or two, and the current plan is to drive, 
perhaps not as frenetically, back to Oregon. There is a slight chance 
that we'll go back to Oregon by way of Santa Cruz.

If anybody might be on the path, let me know where you are and when you 
are likely to be available, stopping by to say hi might be a nice break 
from the driving.

Larry Colen           LRC at

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