OT : annsan's diagnosis and a photo note too

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Fri Apr 26 14:56:33 EDT 2019

Congratulations on the sale Ann.   Really sorry to hear about you're 
health issue.  I have no good recommendations for pain of any kind, most 
accepted pain relievers don't really work for me all that well.   Wish I 
had something better to say.

On 4/26/2019 2:24 PM, ann sanfedele wrote:
> Bottom line:  somewhere between the bone scan in 2013 and the one I 
> had last week, osteopenia turned into full fledged osteoporosis.. so 
> it isnt' arthritis that has been devling me.  My mother had it, I 
> should not have been surprised.   Doc put me on once-a-week 
> alendronate sodium (the generic of Fosamax).  Once a week is fine with 
> me and the pills are cheap..  I put the little blister  tab in my 7 
> day pill thingy -in place of- my vitamins and BP pill . The 
> instructions for proper usage are both clear and a bit scary if you 
> mess up so I'm being very careful .  IF any of you have any tips about 
> good stuff to do for osteoporosis pain , I'll take it please.
> I"m taking Naproxin twice a day in double the over the counter dose 
> and it brougnt down the pain from excruciating lumbar and elft leg 
> hurt to achy frequently but not consistently..  I'm moving a lot.. but 
> need a cane to do so.
> Other than the osteo which enough people have assured me is manageable 
> if you are careful and eat properly (and don't fall down!)  , my check 
> up with the new doc was
> filled with godl stars.  Lungs, cardio, cholesterol (down 60 points 
> from 2017) .  'you're goona live forever, but you ahve to take these 
> pills".  The new doc is 80 years old himself.   I'm goin gto go to one 
> phys theropy session to get me on the correct for some good exercises 
> I can do at home and dont cost anything.. beyond my walking up and 
> down my stairs.  i"m sleeping a lot, but in spurts... about 5-6 hours 
> solid at night.. then up for two, then back to bed two or three times 
> douring the day for naps... but I fall asleep easily.  I've found a 
> CURA_HEAT pad on my lower back to be helpful to keep the pain at bay 
> most of the time.
> The photo note, which will not be news to you who are also facebook 
> friends, is that a photo of mine you have surely all seen before is 
> now in a film and I got paid a
> fair amount for film makers "single use"  It also appeared in Sign 
> Language, in my Back in the day calendar, and in Ada Calhoun's book 
> about the esat village 'St Marks is Dead"
> So if you happen to be going to the Tribeca film festival and you 
> happen to have chosen to see the Abel Ferrara documentary "the 
> Projectionist" and you are not blinking at the wrong time , you will 
> see this photo of mine,  as well as my name zipping by in the credits ..
> https://annsan.smugmug.com/On-the-Road-or-On-Foot/New-York-City-back-in-the-day/i-MS6knBX/A 
> I was first approached by the film company last sumemr about this - 
> they finally ponied up in paypal last month (no, they didn't get the 
> photo until they paid for it) when the
> film got accepted for the festival.
> Brian, I'll try to find a tree or two today for the PUG..
> Still don't feel much like chatting.. everything is an effort  - and 
> yet now and then I can walk a city block or two very slowly. not to 
> the walker stage yet, thank goodness, and
> hopefully proper PT and drugs will keep me upright more ofeten than not
> ann
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