OT : annsan's diagnosis and a photo note too

ann sanfedele annsan at nyc.rr.com
Fri Apr 26 14:24:18 EDT 2019

Bottom line:  somewhere between the bone scan in 2013 and the one I had 
last week, osteopenia turned into full fledged osteoporosis.. so it 
isnt' arthritis that has been devling me.  My mother had it, I should 
not have been surprised.   Doc put me on once-a-week alendronate sodium 
(the generic of Fosamax).  Once a week is fine with me and the pills are 
cheap..  I put the little blister  tab in my 7 day pill thingy -in place 
of- my vitamins and BP pill .  The instructions for proper usage are 
both clear and a bit scary if you mess up so I'm being very careful .  
IF any of you have any tips about good stuff to do for osteoporosis pain 
, I'll take it please.

I"m taking Naproxin twice a day in double the over the counter dose and 
it brougnt down the pain from excruciating lumbar and elft leg hurt to 
achy frequently but not consistently..  I'm moving a lot.. but need a 
cane to do so.

Other than the osteo which enough people have assured me is manageable 
if you are careful and eat properly (and don't fall down!)  , my check 
up with the new doc was
filled with godl stars.  Lungs, cardio, cholesterol (down 60 points from 
2017) .  'you're goona live forever, but you ahve to take these pills".  
The new doc is 80 years old himself.   I'm goin gto go to one phys 
theropy session to get me on the correct for some good exercises I can 
do at home and dont cost anything.. beyond my walking up and down my 
stairs.  i"m sleeping a lot, but in spurts... about 5-6 hours solid at 
night.. then up for two, then back to bed two or three times douring the 
day for naps... but I fall asleep easily.  I've found a CURA_HEAT pad on 
my lower back to be helpful to keep the pain at bay most of the time.

The photo note, which will not be news to you who are also facebook 
friends, is that a photo of mine you have surely all seen before is now 
in a film and I got paid a
fair amount for film makers "single use"  It also appeared in Sign 
Language, in my Back in the day calendar, and in Ada Calhoun's book 
about the esat village 'St Marks is Dead"

So if you happen to be going to the Tribeca film festival and you happen 
to have chosen to see the Abel Ferrara documentary "the Projectionist" 
and you are not blinking at the wrong time , you will see this photo of 
mine,  as well as my name zipping by in the credits ..


I was first approached by the film company last sumemr about this - they 
finally ponied up in paypal last month (no, they didn't get the photo 
until they paid for it) when the
film got accepted for the festival.

Brian, I'll try to find a tree or two today for the PUG..

Still don't feel much like chatting.. everything is an effort  - and yet 
now and then I can walk a city block or two very slowly. not to the 
walker stage yet, thank goodness, and
hopefully proper PT and drugs will keep me upright more ofeten than not


ann sanfedele photography

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