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Am 21.04.19 um 01:30 schrieb John:

> Seems to me the "wasn't done that way when ND was constructed" argument
> is going to apply to anything they might be able to do today, which
> means they're left trying to find the least historically incorrect way
> of rebuilding.

Then again, those cathedrals have usually been built over periods of
several centuries and technologies have evolved during this time. The
Cologne cathedral was finished towards the end of the 19th century and
by that time roof timbering made of steel was nothing new and so our
cathedral has a steel frame below its roof.

ND has not only been built over many centuries, it has also been rebuilt
at least once. In the 1850's it was almost a ruin, what with the French
revolution and a good century of neglect. Much of what we know as
today's ND has been re-built at that time following the often quite
disneyish ideas of a single guy, including all those medieval looking
gargoyles, the turret that was destroyed in the fire and many more
embellishments which were never part of the original building. Noone
cared if this was authentic in any way. It looked the part, probably
more medieval than ever, and the French liked it.

So, the concept of authenticity is fluid, at best. This certainly
applies to something like a roof construction that almost nobody will
ever get to see.


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