Geso swans and stuff

David J Brooks pentkon52 at
Fri Apr 19 10:11:39 EDT 2019

Happy Easter to those that celebrate.

Had to make a quick trip to PAEC stables yesterday morning and dusted off
the D7200 and 70-200. Did our business then wondered around for 20 min.
They have currently 22 trumpeter swans and last week had 34. The breeding
program apparently is a success so the breeders are not trapping the birds
from their ponds any more for breeding purpose any more, they are strong
enough flocks now to go it on their own. For some reason they love the
ponds at PAEC. I was told about 200 birds over winter at MAGNA Group in
Aurora and they keep a pond open for them and feed them. Cost is close to
horse board so about $700-900 a month but i suppose he can afford it.:-)


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