apologies of my relative silence

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Wed Apr 17 11:13:29 EDT 2019


nice to hear from you. i'm sure the xray/bone test will turn out ok...

On Wed, 17 Apr 2019 09:09:43 -0400
ann sanfedele <annsan at nyc.rr.com> wrote:

> Guys and Gals.
> For about the last month I've been concentrated on a couple of health
> issues and just not felt much like showing pix or commenting on those
> of others.. I'll be back to my usual gabbiness after results from
> results on my structure and such come back.  Probably nothing more
> dire than annoying aches that inhibit my getting around but has to be
> determined the cause to discover if I'm in chronic ailment mode or
> your hurt yourself doing soemthing stupid mode.
> My beloved doctor retired suddenly last fall so until this week it
> had been about 18 months since I had had a check up. Tomorrow I get
> an xray on my back and a bone density test having visited a new doc
> yesterday.  New doc already gave me an "everything fine" on the ekg
> and a "gold Star" on the pulminary breath-in breathe-out test they do
> on a little machine. thank you, three flights of stairs to climb
> every day.  But I'm hobbling around on a cane and can't lift things
> and am sleeping too much so things need to be revealed.
> The elation of watching Tiger Woods brought me out, followed directly
> by seeing the fire engulf Notre Dame - Required me to say -something-
> Thank goodness for Words with Friends and Ashley.
> I shall return! :-)
> ann

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