OT, looking for some GB travel advice for a couple of friends

Postmaster postmaster at robertstech.com
Tue Apr 16 16:25:06 EDT 2019

Steve Cottrell wrote:

>On 16/4/19, Larry Colen, discombobulated, unleashed:
>>We are staying a few days in the Cotswolds - Painswick area right 
>>outside Gloucester. We are using it as a base to foray out to see the 
>>medieval. A time in Bath, over to Avebury, a time to Wye Valley. We 
>>spend two night in London on the tail end. We love Indian but mostly we 
>>want to eat food so good it makes us cry.
>For good places to eat, you can't really go wrong at any of those places. Bath has some great restaurants.

We absolutely love the Walrus and the Carpenter restaurant in Bath.
Decorated with all sorts of hippie memorabilia. Great food. The owner
took an immediate liking to me and Lisa for some reason and chatted us
up quite a bit: "I did the 60's really well, so I have a bit of
short-term memory loss". Brilliant place.

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