OT: Buyer Beware

mike wilson m.9.wilson at ntlworld.com
Sun Apr 14 13:23:54 EDT 2019

> On 14 April 2019 at 14:51 David J Brooks <pentkon52 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 9:03 AM Alan C <cole at lantic.net> wrote:
> >
> > My younger daughter had the misfortune of cam belt failure on her 1995
> > Hyundai Accent 1.5 csi. to square
> > Thanks for listening. I feel much better now.
> I had a 79 GMC Jimmy that developed some bent valve guides which i
> never got around to fixing until the engine blew and i replaced it
> with a wrecker engine. I replaced the one side spark plugs weekly and
> the gas station i went to joked about filling up the oil and checking
> the gas.:-)

Bending the valve _guides_ is pretty spectacular.  Diesel engines generally fare much better with snapped belts.  Rumour has it around these parts that Renault engines have specific failure points in the rockers, allowing them to snap rather than dislodging the camshaft.

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