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On 14/4/19, Alan C, discombobulated, unleashed:

>My younger daughter had the misfortune of cam belt failure on her 1995 
>Hyundai Accent 1.5 csi. The car has been in the family since new & has 
>been a reliable, economic runner. The cam belt had been replaced at 
>100000 & 200000km as recommended but this one failed after only another 
>75000km. The first 2 replacement cam belts were genuine Hyundai but the 
>third an after market substitute. Strangely enough, I still have the cam 
>belt I removed at 200000km & it looks perfectly OK!  After stripping it 
>was found that, luckily, the only damage was bent exhaust valve heads on 
>cylinders 1 & 3. (This is an interference engine design). On account of 
>the age of the car I didn't want to spend too much on repairs so I 
>shopped around for the cheapest set of exhaust valves & a head set. 
>First problem - the valve stem oil seals were a loose fit (totally 
>useless) so I had to buy better ones. Second problem: the exhaust valves 
>were such poor quality that 3 of the stems bent when I was installing 
>them in the head using a valve spring compressor. I only noticed the 
>problem after I had re-installed the head & was busy fitting the cam & 
>rockers, 3 of which didn't line up with the valve stems. Back to square 
>one. I will need to buy another good quality set of exhaust valves. I 
>will also buy a top quality head gasket - I don't trust anything cheap 
>any more. I have successfully done many engine overhauls over the years 
>& must say I enjoy this sort of thing but this time, at the age of 75, I 
>find I am suffering all sorts of aches & pains I have never had before, 
>so this will definitely be the last!
>Thanks for listening. I feel much better now.

I feel your pain brother - and once built a Rover V8 from scratch so I know what you're talking about! That has a timing chain rather than a belt but my current vehicle,  a Freelander 2 is up to 73,000 miles and the cambelt rec is for 150,000. I can tell you now that it won't be anywhere near that when I change it! The only thing I would say is that used cam belts may look absolutely fine, but the nature of the materials changes after so many heat/cool cycles!



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