OT: Out of the World image

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at komkon.org
Fri Apr 12 11:19:16 EDT 2019

Last night, during late-night drive, while there was nothing listenable on 
the usual radio stations, I turned on "Coast-to-Coast" on the radio (Late 
night AM radio talk program about "paranormal" things).
There was some "expert" who was talking about this blackhole image: "This 
is not exactly a photograph... It is an image that is made [up] based on 
the data, ..."
(Which is true in the very strict meaning of the word "photograph", if you 
consider the origin of the word photography, - from Greek "photos" 
meaning "light". Wavelengths used for the image are far from the visible 
light spectrum.)

That reminded me of some similar statements by "purists" among 
photographers about what constitutes an unaltered [digital] photograph, 
i.e. how processing an image makes it not a "true photo".


Mark Roberts Thu, 11 Apr 2019 08:39:51 -0700 wrote:

John wrote:

>One of my rocket scientist friends says the image is "fuzzy", which is
>to be some kind of physics joke. It just looks slightly out of focus to me. 8^)
>The best bit is the narration accompanying the *simple explanation video*...
>"... black holes are extremely hard to see."
>Ya' think? It's black and it's 55 million light-years from Earth!

Also: It's HUGE! https://xkcd.com/2135/

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