Did I break something, or did Pentax?

Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Tue Apr 9 02:39:37 EDT 2019

OK, it seems that it's my brain that is broken.  Either that, or my 
cameras have decided, a week late, to play an April fool's joke and mess 
with me.  Now it's working on all of my cameras.

Larry Colen wrote on 4/8/19 11:26 PM:
> Correction, they are working on the K-3 II
> Larry Colen wrote on 4/8/19 10:55 PM:
>> I have a few manual aperture lenses in my collection.  For various 
>> reasons I haven't used them in a while.  I just tried to put them on 
>> my K-1 and they won't stop down on it.  They don't seem to stop down 
>> on my K-3 II either.  They do work on my K-3.
>> Is there a configuration option I missed?  Are my cameras broken?  Did 
>> Pentax just break that feature?

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