April PUG is up

Brian W brian-w at lyons-ryan.org
Sun Apr 7 03:40:35 EDT 2019

G'day all

Probably not surprising - a small gallery this month.

I really like Jan's "Eastman Acoustic" - very well composed and right on theme.
 Rick's 'Exeter Cathedral" & Mike's "The Brexit at platform 1 has been delayed.
Permanently." are equally as good.

View here:


(you may need to refresh your browser if you see the previous gallery there).

Note: The automated submission process usually works well but it's not
infallible. So, if you made a submission and you don't see it in the gallery,
let me know.


Next up: 'Trees'.

Full Submissions Guidelines here:


You can submit here:


Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia

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