GESO: Bald Eagles at Shelley Lake

John jsessoms002 at
Mon Apr 1 14:40:04 EDT 2019

> I made a small gallery in Flickr.

I've added a few more photos to the album, including one that shows both parents 
perched above the nest.

I dug out my "Bigma". I've always been slightly disappointed in it. It seemed 
just a tad too soft last time I used it (with the K20D - never tried it with the 
K-3), but it worked well enough this time. Image quality is acceptable.

My lust for a SMC Pentax-F 600 f/4 or SMC Pentax-FA 600 f/4 has been rekindled 
if anyone has one for sale and is willing to take American Express**.

Looks like I need to review a tutorial on color grading to get all the images to 
have the the same quality. After I've done that, I'll probably replace the 
images in the album.

This has been a fairly cool experience. The nest is less than seven miles from 
my house, so it's been easy to get to since I figured out where to park.

And it's been the most visible nest of all the ones I know about around area 
lakes. I'm not having to point the camera up too much to get a good image. But 
the best part has been all the other people I've met while out there to 
photograph the nest.

** Looks like American Express will work with PayPal.

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