Peso - Where were you?

ann sanfedele annsan at
Sun Sep 2 08:43:42 EDT 2018

Saturday morning on St Mark's Place

Yes, it does look like a night scene with the lighting coming from 
bright artificial light.. but it was actually taken at almost 9 am with 
light meter  on auto, reading off the brightly  sunlit graffitied wall.  
- I posted this on facebook and an old friend was worried about me being 
out at night in my neghborhood :-). It looks deserted, because it is .  
Labor day weekend  - most residents have  fled  and the NYU and other 
educational establishment classes haven't started yet.

K5 with the DA 18-55  - I actually took the Pentax with me as I wasn't 
planning on buying heavy things and the weather was good for a walk. 
MIght bring it with me today again, as I have to hit Adorama for a light 
magenta cartridgedesperately needed.


ann sanfedele photography

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