PESO (2): kingfisher and jungle babbler

John sessomsj at
Fri Mar 30 01:01:47 EDT 2018

I've enjoyed them too. If your "interregnum" is at an end, does that mean you 
can finally leave the house? I think you mentioned in passing that you were 
photographing from the balcony because you were temporarily confined at home?

I hope the end of your "interregnum" means you're Ok and able to get out and 
about again.

But they've been some very nice photos.

On 3/29/2018 22:15, Subash Jeyan wrote:
> two photos to end my little interregnum with birds, which *i* have quite
> enjoyed :)
> a white-throated kingfisher:
> a jungle babbler:
> the jungle babbler is locally and popularly known as 'seven sisters' as
> they are gregarious and usually found in a group...
> k5iis, DAL 55-300...
> ~subash

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