OT: Worst Jobs for the future

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 13:15:33 EDT 2018

They equate jobs with limited future with bad jobs.  A bad job is one 
you don't want, the jobs they describe are jobs you might want but are 
not available.  There's a big difference.  I gave up after reading 
three.  A job I would consider much worse than any of those is 
recyclable sorter.  A job that seems to be truly awful in every way.

On 3/23/2018 9:14 AM, Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
> Check out number 2:
> https://www.kiplinger.com/slideshow/business/T012-S001-worst-jobs-for-the-future-2017/index.html?cid=32_0010207ecdf4c62cfba32bfaf33a3ec5a4
> Dan Matyola
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