Anybody else having problems uploading to flickr from lightroom?

Bob W-PDML pdml at
Sun Mar 25 04:46:41 EDT 2018

> On 25 Mar 2018, at 06:23, John <sessomsj at> wrote:
>> On 3/25/2018 00:03, John Francis wrote:
>> I can sort of understand it for a newspaper site or something like that -
>> they're in the business of selling information, and they'd kind of like
>> to be paid for it.  But Flickr is in the business of selling hosting
>> for images, albums, etc. - their customer is, presumably, the photographer.
>> Trying to get a third party to pay for looking at their customer's images
>> seems to me to be acting against their customer's interests.
> Yeah, but I get the same nagging from other "photo hosting" sites.

They want to sell your data to Joseph Goebbels

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