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Godfrey DiGiorgi godfreydigiorgi at
Sat Mar 24 10:09:42 EDT 2018

Thanks! :-)

I've been working hard at it—trying to get out every day that the weather makes it feasible for at least ten miles of riding. And I'm throttling down the power further and further: Yesterday's ride was 17 miles with the power OFF all the way but for one underpass (where the traffic was a bit dense) and one overpass (where I got a little lazy and switched on ECON mode about 50 feet from the crest of the hill). 

I feel so good these days it's amazing: I haven't felt this healthy for over a decade. :-) The niggly little miseries that have crept into my life over the long years are being smashed flat… There are obviously some things that even this kind of exercise, etc, can't eliminate—I'll never be thirty again—but I simply refuse to allow incapacity due to neglect and foolishness overcome me anymore. 

Sumo's likely replacement is on the way here now. I originally bought an electric assist bicycle because I didn't have the strength left in my legs and core body to ride enough to get some exercise, to not be a danger to myself and an obstruction on the road. When I brought this bike home, I could barely go three miles even with the power on without becoming exhausted and needing a couple of days rest. I could hardly get on and off the bike even. That first ride home meant I stayed in a chair for three days with every muscle in pain. 

Now I can ride the 56 lbs beast for seventeen miles and only get barely sweaty, change clothes and hop on the motorcycle to finish some errands and enjoy a little blitz through the twisties. I've lost about 50 some odd pounds on the scale and, according to my doctor, gained about 15 lbs of muscle mass in my legs and core body. The trousers I bought the other day, replacing the ones I bought last July, are four sizes smaller. I feel like the me that I ought to be again.

So the new bike is coming: a beautiful little fat bike set up for the road just the way I like, pedal power only, in CF and alloy that weighs in at 26 lbs. I am so excited about it! So light and so much fun to ride, can't wait for it to arrive! 

If you're afraid to fall down, you'll never stand up.

> From: Bob W-PDML <pdml at>
> That's excellent, keep it up! That's a lot more mileage than I've done these last few months.

> From: Alan C <cole at>
> Cool, man. You really look the part!


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