iPESOs: Spring Snow

John sessomsj at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 21 22:31:27 EDT 2018

Good. I'm glad he had fun; that the storm wasn't a total downer for everyone.

On 3/21/2018 18:33, Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
> A couple of quick iPhone images of my dog Bandit playing in the snow in our
> spring snow storm:
> https://500px.com/photo/250220537/bandit-by-dan-matyola?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=354774
> https://500px.com/photo/250220583/bandit-s-by-dan-matyola?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=354774
> Dan Matyola
> http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/danieljmatyola

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