Stupid Flickr Question

Henk Terhell hterhell at
Wed Mar 21 04:06:42 EDT 2018

For yourself private and public photos all end up in your photostream. 
The public will of course only see public photos of your photosteam.
What I do is always upload as private and change those which may be 
visual to the public after the upload.
Albums will follow exactly the setting of photos as private or public.
You can arrange (organize) the order in an album the way you want, but 
you have to remember to do this again after new photos are placed in an 


Op 2018-03-21 om 03:13 schreef John:
> Can I make my photostream private so no one can see it, but still have 
> albums of photos that I make "public"?
> Flickr's help pages are kind of opaque & I haven't figured it out yet. 
> The problem with the photostream is it has only ONE way to sort 
> photos, in the date/time order you upload them.
> I think the albums allow you to order the photos any way you want to.

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