Thunderbird help.. a small disaster no logner... :-)

ann sanfedele annsan at
Sat Mar 10 15:23:08 EST 2018

Not only did I find the ebay folder but I found the cafe press folder I 
thought never appeared because they stopped sending me sales notifications.

but thefolders are both in the archives now.. they were buried under the 
2015 archive folder ... odd

at least the info is there



On 3/10/2018 5:19 AM, mike wilson wrote:
> I think you can be quite specific about wehere you do it.  If you have done it accidentally, it's also possible that you specified just that folder.  More than slightly unlikely but I'm in similar straw-clutching mode to yourself.  Another thought: can you set font size to zero?
>> On 10 March 2018 at 09:01 ann sanfedele <annsan at> wrote:
>> If Id done that ALL the email would have disappeared, right, not just
>> one folder.
>> read what I wrote answering Henk :-)
>> On 3/10/2018 3:36 AM, mike wilson wrote:
>>> Is it possible that you've set the font colour to the same as the background?
>>>> On 10 March 2018 at 01:19 ann sanfedele <annsan at> wrote:
>>>> I have my inbox in thunderbird with two subfolders (in addition to top
>>>> folder)  PDML and EBAY ... I download ALL my mail.. hardly ever look at
>>>> it on line..
>>>> I use it as a file system of information ... I was fiddling with font
>>>> sizes just now and suddenly POOF -- the ebay folder disappeared TOTALLLLY!
>>>> I have email going from 2015 to the present .
>>>> What could I have done?  Have I simply hid the folder by hitting a wrong
>>>> key?
>>>> I started to go for help on line and got to a place where someone was
>>>> going to charge me for the answer.  grrrrr.
>>>> I'm on WIndows 7 pro - as I think most of you who also use thunderbird
>>>> might remember. (or not ;-))
>>>> It has to be hiding somewhwere, right?
>>>> should I do system restore to a couple of hours ago? or is there
>>>> something simple within Thunderbird?
>>>> Help!
>>>> ann

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